My Week Using A Bullet Journal

Hello all!

Last Wednesday, I decided that I wanted to start a bullet journal to help keep me organized. Traditional planners have never worked for me–I would use them for a week or two before either getting bored or forgetting completely. So, I went to Pinterest and looked up how to start a bullet journal. Here is what I discovered:

  1. No two bullet journals are exactly the same.
  2. You can add whatever you want.
  3. Heavy paper works best so pens don’t bleed through.
  4. It takes time to get used to using it.
  5. It doesn’t have to be perfect!!

This intimidated me a bit, as I’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist. I decided to go with a mini binder though so I could re-use it as I filled pages, and went with card stock for the pages. I found all my supplies at Walmart and Target.

What you might need to start:

  1. Notebook or mini binder (I found mine for $5 at Target)
  2. Paper (I found card stock at Walmart for $4, although I had to cut it to size)
  3. Pen/colored pens (I got a pack of 20 at Walmart for $4)
  4. Your Imagination!


I cut my pages to  5.5″ by 8″ to fit into my binder. Then, I marked each spot for a hole punch in the appropriate place and used a hole punch to make the paper work for my binder.  The size of your paper will depend on the size of your binder if you choose to use this method. You can skip this step if you choose to use a notebook instead.

Next, I went to work creating my pages based off of my own ideas and ideas inspired by Pinterest. Here are some of my pages:

I would always include an index so you can easily find what page you need, and keep it well organized. There are so many options and ideas out there! You can customize it to fit your exact needs, and the possibilities are endless.

What I learned from my week using my bullet journal:

I learned that it takes time to adjust to using a bullet journal. It was hard for me to adjust, and there were days I forgot to use it. And that’s okay! Overall I love the idea, and I found it very useful to keep track of my everyday life! I would definitely suggest using Pinterest for inspiration, and you can find my own Pinterest board at that has ideas that I used to come up with my designs!

Feel free to comment with any questions!



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