Hello, from Me, Katie

Hello, all!

To start my blog, I thought I would just tell you guys a little bit about myself! I’m from a small town in Illinois, about two hours south of Chicago. I have three brothers, a sister, and three dogs and a cat… honestly I’d be okay without the cat. I love music, reading, art, all things marching band, and TV shows like Friends, Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, and Once Upon A Time. Oh, and I LOVE Hamilton. It’s the best musical of all time. (DUH).

In my free time, you can find me working at one of my two jobs, spending time with my family, or binge watching Netflix. As I get closer to graduation, the more hectic my life gets, but I’m hoping this little space here will help me take a break from all things crazy.

But anyway! Aside from whats mentioned above, my favorite things are finding good, healthy recipes, keeping my chaotic life (somewhat) organized, and keeping up with the latest trends–although honestly I probably should widen my wardrobe horizon a bit, all I wear is American Eagle, it’s my go-to fashion choice.

As I head to Chicago for college in the fall, I want to try a variety of new things to keep me organized, to make my style a bit more my own, and find great new places to eat in the Chicago area. And I want to share what I find with you all!

So, if any of that applies to you, stay tuned!



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